*During these unprecedented times, please know that many of our services are still available to individuals and groups with social distancing protocols applied – please don’t hesitate to explore what we can help you with in your journey and remember, our services have always had suggested rates – no one will be turned away from services based on the ability to pay

Since 2005 I have worked with individuals of all ages and groups to assist in the rediscovering of their journey in this life, for we all come into this existence already knowing our purpose … but some of us can take one too many steps away from our chosen paths and find ourselves feeling lost, alone, or in pain. We are all here to realize our fullest potential as spiritual beings having a human experience and the services that I offer can help you to overcome the limitations that keep you from living the life you desire. I’m so glad we’ve found each other on this journey, it’s an incredible one isn’t it?


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